Week 2: patterns of participation

How would you characterise your patterns of online behaviour currently in this course? What about your colleagues on the course? Are you getting to know them now by their posting patterns, or perhaps by the style of their postings? Gilly Salmon (2002, p 171) presents some patterns of online behaviours that might be useful to think about. Which best describes you? Would you associate any of these with colleagues on the course?
The wolf
Visits once a week, lots of activity then disappears again until next week, or even the week after!
The elephant
Steady — visits most days for a short time
The squirrel
Always catching up: completes two weeks in one session then disappears again for some time
The mouse
Visits once a week, reads and contributes little
The mole
Inclined to post disembodied comments in a random way
The rabbit
Lives online, prolific message writer, responds very rapidly
The stag
Tendency to dominate discussion at certain times
The magpie
Steals ideas without acknowledging
The dolphin
Intelligent, good communicator and playful online

Salmon, G. (2002). E-tivities: the key to active online learning. London, Kogan Page., p 171