Title image, cartoon of a PPR

Introduction to PPR one day overview workshop presentation

Note: This workshop adopts a simple approach to process mapping while acknowledging that a whole plethora of advice is available to satisfy people who would like to progress to greater complexity.

Key features

  • The slides are template free to enable adoption to your own organisation template.
  • Animations function (enabled) for gradual revealing of slide information.
  • Incorporates notes pages with synopsis information and facilitator observations (please note these are not intended to be full tutor notes).
  • Workshop timings and refreshment breaks are deliberately omitted reflecting the agile approach to workshop delivery. Facilitator will need to use their intuition with regard to workshop content flow.
  • A condensed version is available for process study review leaders to subsequently conduct a process mapping review workshop.

Pre workshop

It is good practice to send pre workshop information out to delegates two weeks in advance.

  • prep workshop information is contained in delegate handouts section
  • your Process Review Draft Terms of Reference
  • link to the SUMS Participative Process Change good practice guide (pdf)

Workshop set up requirements

Room requirements
A large room equipped with a PC, projector, sound, internet connection, flipchart stand and paper, optional whiteboard
Room layout
Key requirement is formation of one long table minimum 1 meter in width to enable rollout of plotting paper. Ideally space to move around table for discussions

For the workshop

  • Presentation
  • Workshop handouts including a copy of the draft terms of reference
  • Flip chart paper and pens

For process mapping activities

  • Roll of paper: we recommend 36” (914 mm) CAD plotting paper rolls average price £22 per roll: alternatively double strength lining paper is usually smaller at 540mm and cheaper
  • A metre ruler (or long straightedge) to draw up swim lanes
  • Post it notes (various colours) 76mm by 127 mm and 76mm by 76mm
  • Scissors
  • Blue tack

We also suggest that the process study review leader brings a camera device with them to record images of output materials in case originals become unstuck post workshop transit.