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Stage 1: Definition stage

The success of your Participative Process Review will be in part down how well you have defined its remit.

The process review study sponsor and process review leader can achieve this through writing up a brief Terms of Reference (ToR), which outlines:

A brief description outlining why this process review is needed and the benefits it will deliver to the University.
Process review objective
A summary of your key objective encapsulated in one sentence. Followed by sub objectives if deemed necessary.
Identifying the scale of the process review in size, people affected and other impacts
Criteria for success
Identifying what constitute as a successful outcome from this process review
Proposed approach
Provide an outline of what will be involved and how this process review will be carried out
Who is involved (stakeholders)
Outline key stakeholders who will be involved in the actual process review
Time scales
Outline key timescales over which the review will take and signalling when changes may start to be implemented
Provide an indication of the anticipated resources required for this process review (i.e. staff time, budget etc)
Ancillary/supporting notes

Once a draft is completed an important aspect of the Participative Process Review is for the ToR to be shared with the Process Review Team who will amend and refine it. This signals a sharing of ownership.