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Stage 4: Defining the current process

In this stage of the Participative Process Review representation of all the key players in the process come together for a facilitated workshop to map out the current (as is) process.

Process mapping (a definition)

Structural analysis of a process flow (such as an order-to-delivery cycle), by distinguishing how work is actually done from how it should be done, and what functions a system should perform from how the system is built to perform those functions. In this technique, main activities, information flows, interconnections, and measures are depicted as a collage on a large sheet of paper, with different coloured 'Post-it' notes or slips of paper. This graphic representation allows an observer to 'walk-through' the whole process and see it in its entirety.

BusinessDictionary.com, emphasis added.

The process conversation

In a workshop environment the corresponding conversation is often more important than the process map itself. Having time for a structured conversation around a process map usually uncovers a variety of issues, assumptions, misinterpretations of policy or misunderstandings, conflicting priorities et el. For this reason it is important that one workshop member takes on the role of recorder/loggist to capture the key points from these conversations.


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