Week 2 reading

Belbin's (1981) team roles

produces ideas, imaginative, unorthodox, radical, clever, uninhibited. Can be over-sensitive, prickly. May need careful handling.
Finds things out, always knows someone who…, brings information back to the team, enthusiastic, gregarious. Can be lazy and complacent.
Self-confident, commands respect, good speaker/writer, thinks positively, good at guiding the team. Can be domineering, bossy.
Energetic, drives people along, needs to succeed, makes things happen. Can be disruptive and argumentative, impatient and a problem if things don't go their own way.
Careful, makes intelligent judgements, tests out ideas, evaluates proposals, helps the team avoid mistakes. Can become isolated and aloof, pessimistic or over-critical.
Team worker
Sympathetic, understanding, sensitive, shows strong concern for social interaction, leads from behind. Places the team above personal concerns. May be indecisive.
Methodical, hard-working, reliable, orthodox, turns ideas into plans which are feasible and gets down to tasks which need doing. Can be inflexible and uninspiring.
Painstaking, conscientious, follows through and works hard to finish things properly. Meets deadlines and pays attention to detail. Can be over-anxious and perfectionist.


Belbin, R. M. (1981). Management Teams. Heinemann.