The Naming of the Booker Prize

8 May 1968

Let's create a prize - but what should we call it?

In the early exchanges between Bookers and the Publishers Association, the name of the prize is already in dispute

28 June 1968

The Britannia Prize?

The provisional decisions taken at a meeting between representatives from Bookers and the Publishers Association include an initial decision to call the prize 'The Britannia Prize' and state that the winning novel should be 'capable of communicating with an intelligent general audience'

11 July 1968

Definitely not The Booker Prize

Bookers imply in a report that using Bookers' name on the prize had been discussed and rejected at this point and agree to support the prize for at least two years

26 August 1968

The Bucklersbury Prize?

John Murphy suggests names for the prize. The Booker Prize is on the list alongside his other favourite, The Bucklersbury Prize

3 October 1968

The Booker Prize is named

A press conference is held at the Cafe Royal to announce the 1968 Booker Prize