Volume 13, Number 1


Judie Gannon

Academic Papers

Coachable Moments: Identifying Factors that Influence Managers to take Advantage of Coachable Moments in Day-to-Day Management
Christina Turner and Grace McCarthy

Health Behaviour Outcomes of Co-Active Coaching Interventions: A Scoping Review
Rebecca H. Liu, Jennifer D. Irwin, and Don Morrow

Drama Techniques in Team Coaching
Marie-Claire Dassen

Strategies for Enhancing Diverse Mentoring Relationships in STEM Fields
Melissa A. Carroll and Erin F. Barnes

Women Entrepreneurs Need Mentors
Robin L. Laukhuf and Timothy A. Malone

Mentoring Functions and their Application to the American Council on Education (ACE) Fellows Leadership Development Program
Sheri Grotrian-Ryan

Mentoring Case Studies in the Access and Civic Engagement Office, Dublin Institute of Technology
Sinéad McCann and John Delap

Book Review

Success as a Coach: start and build a successful coaching business
reviewed by Esther Cavett