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International Coaching Community (ICC)

The International Coaching Community (ICC) was founded by Joseph O’Connor and Andrea Lages in 2001 with a vision of building a coaching profession with high standards of skill. It has grown exponentially to over 6000 trained coaches in 60 countries, making it one of the largest coaching organisations in the world.

International Consortium for Coaching in Organizations

The International Consortium for Coaching in Organizations (ICCO) is a uniquely broad community of managers of coaching programs in organizations, executive and internal coaches, coaching educators, researchers, OD specialists, and coaching firms. Our distinct, multi-stakeholder composition and our client-centric emphasis provide an approach to advancing the profession of coaching that actively involves all the critical players, especially the organizations that use coaching in order to succeed.

International Society for Coaching Psychology

The International Society for Coaching Psychology has been established to further the discipline and profession of coaching psychology. With the growing interest in coaching psychology around the world, the Society hopes to encourage the development of the theory, research and practice in coaching psychology and support coaching psychologists in their work.

Special Group in Coaching Psychology

The Special Group in Coaching Psychology (SGCP) is part of the British Psychological Society and supports coaching psychologists, coaches, individual clients and organisations who are interested in learning more about coaching psychology and coaching services. Our aim is to promote the development of coaching psychology as a professional activity and clarify the benefits of psychological approaches within coaching practice. We are committed to fostering excellence in coaching practice through: research, events, publications, discussion and professional development.

Worldwide Association of Business Coaches

The Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC) is the first international professional association dedicated exclusively to the business coaching industry. Since 1997, we've been serving business coaches and their clients. We're proud of our reputation as a leading international authority on business coaching. We've built this reputation by insisting on the best: the highest membership standards, the most rigorous evidence-based programs, the most advanced business coaching credentials.