Volume 14, Number 2


Introduction by Elaine Cox

Academic Papers

Professional development in coaching: towards a dynamic alliance of narrative and literature to transform the learning process
Christine A. Eastman

Coaching for Emancipation: A framework for coaching in oppressive environments
Hany Shoukry

Developing resilience and wellbeing for healthcare staff during organisational transition: The salutogenic approach
Dee Gray

Multi-stakeholder contracting in executive/business coaching: an analysis of practice and recommendations for gaining maximum value
Eve Turner and Peter Hawkins

Complexity in coaching:?A self-study of roles and relationships
Marcus Artigliere and Laura Baecher

The value of coaching supervision as a development process: Contribution to continued professional and personal wellbeing for executive coaches
Alison Hodge

An ethnographic study of the introduction of internal supervisors to an internal coaching scheme
Mark Robson

Factors of mentor attrition from an after-school community-based mentoring program
Chloe Lancaster, Stephen Lenz, Erin Willis, Tera W. Brownlee, Ben N. Smith & Joshua K. Omura

Analysing the feasibility of financial rewards for mentors engaged in entrepreneurial mentoring
Deepali Mishra, Sudhir K. Jain & Harish Chaudhary

Books Reviews

Book review of The Eureka Factor, John Kounios & Mark Beeman (2015)
Tracy Robinson

Book review of Coaching and Mentoring: A Critical Text, Simon Western (2012)
Daniel Doherty