Special Issue 10


Introduction to Special Issue 10
Elaine Cox

Academic Papers

From expert to novice: Supporting mentor development through professionalisation of practice in formal schemes
Sally Blake

'Good question': Exploring the experiences of generating questions in coaching
Glenn Wallis

Insights into the nature and role of listening in the creation of a co-constructive coaching dialogue
Peter Hill

A shift in the room - myth or magic? How do coaches create transformational shifts in a short period of time?
Joyce Moons

Exploring metaphor use and its insight into sense making with executive coaching clients
Nigel Emson

Collaborative action coaching for leaders: a way of enabling transfer and sustainability of learning for all external coaches?
Janice Cook

A new model of sustainable change in executive coaching: coachees' attitudes, required resources and routinisation
Nelia Koroleva

Leadership team coaching; a trust-based coaching relationship
Sue Wotruba

Developing a group coaching model to cultivate creative confidence
Eli Fumoto

A leap into the unknown: The self-employed coach's experience of self-doubt
Sarah (Sas) Petherick

Is it time for paramedics to reflect on their wellbeing, confidence, and be empowered within their profession?
Gabby Barody

Diversity challenges facing expatriate and immigrant mothers of faith and how group mentoring can influence them: A case study of a mentoring scheme within a Christian organisation in the UK
Nesochi Awujo

A coaching framework for developing the psychological capital of a global mindset
Penelope Parish

Q Methodology as an evaluation tool: Evaluating coaching and mentoring in the pastoral ministry
Theresa Hammond

Issues in conducting quantitative studies on the impact of coaching and mentoring in Higher Education
Jill Andreanoff

Research methodology for researching professionals
Richard Sale