Research data

Research data is the actual information produced by research projects before the results are presented at academic conferences and published in scholarly books and journal articles. This collection is a store of research data produced by Oxford Brookes researchers so that their data can be accessed by other researchers and the public.

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Graduate attributes project evaluation

This data informed an evaluation of a three-year programme of work to evaluate the impact of the specification of the Brookes Graduate Attributes in the Strategy for Enhancing the Student Experience (2010-2015), and their adoption within programmes of study at Oxford Brookes University. The evaluation assessed how programme teams have expressed each of the attributes within programme learning outcomes. A team from OCSLD and faculties collected reflections on the implementation process and conducted an interpretative analysis of programme learning outcomes in 90 undergraduate Programme Specifications revised after the mapping process during 2011/12. Our interest was in how the graduate attributes were interpreted by staff, particularly within the context of their discipline.

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