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Coaching for Brave Leadership: an Action Research Study


Even though there is a plethora of leadership training and coaching available worldwide, there appears to be a disparity between articulated best practice and some of the reported negative experiences of individuals within organisations. There appears to be a gap between the behaviours of leaders and the expectations of followers. This gap may be due, at least in part, to an absence of brave leadership, and also perhaps due to a lack of one to one coaching for leaders. In this study a small group of leaders helped develop and explore a coaching model designed to enhance bravery. An action research approach was undertaken with six leaders who undertook to help evolve and also be coached using this particular coaching model. The action research took place over a six month period in various locations within the U.K. The data was analysed using a retroductive and thematic approach. The use of this model appears to indicate that it can assist in decision making and that bravery may be enhanced, at least from a subjective perspective. It would also appear that the idea of brave leadership may complement other leadership theories. However, more work should be done to adapt and refine the model for use in different circumstances. Furthermore, it should also be explored more thoroughly in a purely coaching environment rather than one where research into the model is also being conducted.

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McLaughlin, M

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Year: 2012

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