"Through Walls" by Shirley Pegna, 2011


"Through Walls" was a sound piece created for Audiograft 2011 where people inside a room could hear sounds through the walls or through the glass window. Viewer-listeners could press their ears on the walls or the glass window, or use a listening device like a tumbler, funnel, horn, stethoscope etc. to enhance their natural hearing. Speakers played sound into the walls - a track of random domestic sound recorded in Shirley's house. These sounds were hardly audible in the room but could be heard if you put your ear or a listening device to locate them. Walls and plate glass surfaces acted both as amplifiers and filters to the sounds heard through them.


installation, audio recording, event, sound art, art, gallery art,



Pegna, Shirley


Research Group: Sonic Art Research Unit

Oxford Brookes departments

School of Arts


Year: 2011

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