International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring
2020, Vol. 18(2). DOI: 10.24384/IJEBCM/18/2

Volume 18, Issue 2

Elaine Cox

Academic Papers

A framework of modes of awareness for team coaching practice
Joanne James, Sharon Mavin, and Sandra Corlett

Team leadership development through coaching: A case study of skippers in a round-the-world sailing race
Sue Fontannaz and Elaine Cox

Bridging the Team Coaching Competency Gap: A review of the literature
Lucy Widdowson, Liz Rochester, Paul J. Barbour and Alicia M. Hullinger

The Contribution of Coaching and Mentoring to the Development of Participants
in Entrepreneurial Development Programmes
Salomé van Coller-Peter and JP Cronjé

Coaching in the Sales Profession: What part can coaching through literature play in dealing with a contemporary “Bartleby”?
Christine A Eastman, Peter Critten and Carl Day

Exploring Health Literacy and its Relationship to Health and Wellness Coaching
Elizabeth Ahmann, Sherry Leikin, Katherine Smith, Laurie Ellington and Rebecca Pille

Architects of Recovery from Alcohol Misuse: Narrative Exploration of Coaching Employed Professionals
Thobias Solheim and Ruth M. Albertyn

Clients’ and Coaches’ Perspectives of a Life Coaching Intervention for Parents with Overweight/Obesity
Shazya Karmali, Danielle S. Battram, Shauna M. Burke, Anita Cramp, Tara Mantler, Don Morrow, Victor Ng, Erin S. Pearson, Robert Petrella, Patricia Tucker and Jennifer D. Irwin

Learning Experiences for Academic Deans: Implications for Leadership Coaching
Iftikhar Nadeem and Bob Garvey

A design framework to create Artificial Intelligence Coaches
Nicky Terblanche

‘A new vision!’: Exploring coachee experiences of using photography in coaching – An interpretative phenomenological analysis
Maureen Donaldson-Wright and Kate Hefferon

Self-determination theory: A theoretical framework for group supervision with internal coaches
Alan Wingrove, Yi-Ling Lai, Stephen Palmer and Stephen Williams

Reflections from the field

Key Success Factors in Implementing Sustainable Mentor Programmes in Large Organisations
Carola Hieker and Maia Rushby


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