Angels and the Cosmos of Faiths


Angels and the Spiritual in Abstract Art A series of images of paintings by the artist and writer Jyoti Sahi. The series is accompanied by a short essay and explanatory notes on the paintings.

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still image

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Any, Anthropology, Art (History of Art), Communication, Media and Culture, Education, Environmental Sciences, Fine Art , Geography, History, Philosophy , Religion and Theology, Sociology


Buddhist Hindu Jain Christian Muslim NewAge Yakshas MargaretBaker Temple Josiah Celtic Syrian Pseudo-Dionysius Pseudo-Denys apophatic Nirguna PaulKlee ecology angels Elijah EricLott Jesus Garuda Simurgh PersianSufism JaneWilliams kabala kabbala Revelations mandala SuryaNamashkar yoga Sarah Abraham WalterBenjamin Horeb Rasas aesthetics Edakkal India Kera…

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students, staff

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Research literacy, Global citizenship, Critical self-awareness and personal literacy

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Faculties\Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences

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May 4, 2011

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