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Presentation slides from the RADAR one year anniversary event held at Oxford Brookes University on 20th October 2010
Steve Burholt [p0072417]
Information about RADAR
1) Richard Francis and Steve Burholt describe the Teaching Collection. 2) Marion Waite, lecturer in Health and Social Care, describes how her team have used RADAR for teaching at the Programme level. 3) Rowena Rouse describes how to embed RADAR in the workflow of researchers.
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October 20, 2010
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Rowena Rouse (PowerPoint, 536Kb).
Rowena Rouse (PowerPoint, 536Kb).
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Marion Waite (PowerPoint, 1098 Kb)
Marion Waite (PowerPoint, 1098 Kb)
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SteveBurholt_RichardFranc is.ppt
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