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Evaluating the attitudes of real estate students toward property valuation


Property valuation is a capstone course for real estate professionals and an essential component of core knowledge in real estate education. The prominence of real estate in the investment market and information asymmetries have created a demand for property valuation all around the world. However, anecdotal evidence suggests that real estate students rarely have positive attitudes toward property valuation. This condition can hinder understanding the contents and acquiring the requisite valuation skills as attitudes are critical for learning. It has been contended that developing positive attitudes should be the desired course goal. This study employs quantitative research designs to evaluate the attitudes of real estate students toward property valuation to determine whether the desired goal has been achieved. A self-administered questionnaire containing a modified SATS-36 attitudes assessment scale was distributed to all 87 Higher National Diploma (HND) I students after the first semester's valuation course. The findings suggested that the sampled students' attitudes toward property valuation were not negative. The students recognise the importance of property valuation for their careers, are ready to put up the effort to understand and acquire valuation skills, and believe they can learn property valuation. This study recommends that the pilot instrument used in this study be expanded to other polytechnics, universities, and nations in order to gather general data that may be used to guide the development of positive attitudes.

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Chiwuzie, Augustina
Dabara, Daniel Ibrahim
Musibau, Lukuman
Omotehinshe, Olusegun Joseph
Prince, Edith Mbagwu

Oxford Brookes departments

School of the Built Environment


Year of publication: 2022
Date of RADAR deposit: 2022-10-27

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