Persuading the decision makers: the journey from online course design, creating reusable learning objects and publishing them as OERs


Slides from a presentation at the E-learning in Health conference at Aston Conference Centre, Birmingham, UK on 28 June 2011. Presented by Oxford Brookes staff: Marion Waite (Faculty of Health and Life Sciences) and Steve Burholt (Media Workshop).


OER e-learning health


Summary of the slides:
- Demonstrated how we have worked across the faculty and the wider university team to maximize expertise and develop and present digital resources as reusable learning objects
- Explained some of the practical issues we have had to address in order to take these developments further and to persuade decision-makers and teaching colleagues of the potential re -purposing the learning objects as OERS, which are currently being used for marketing as a sample taster collection of course materials
We have also worked in partnership with the Open Spires Project This has been a source of expert advice in terms of copyright and intellectual property issues. Our contribution to this conference is a practical and systematic example of the necessity for organizations to consider the use of OERS.


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28 June 2011

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