Validation of On Street Parking


In 2016, tests were carried out in Guildford to identify car parking spaces using a mobile sonar sensor mounted on the nearside of a test vehicle which collects data as it moves around the location. The data collected is sent over a cellular link to a web based database which includes maps with known parking areas. The spaces are identified and can be made available to road users via an App. The vehicle location was determined from a GPS receiver combined with map matching. To determine the accuracy, ground truth is provided by a camera mounted on the test vehicle.


Intelligent Transport Systems, On-street parking, Parking sensors, Sonar/ultrasonic sensors, Supervised learning, Map matching,

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Roman, Cristian (Oxford Brookes University)
Liao, Ruizhi (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Ball, Peter (Oxford Brookes University)
Ou, Shumao (Oxford Brookes University)
de Heaver, Martin (GEOmii Technologies Ltd.)

Oxford Brookes departments

School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics
Faculty of Technology, Design and Environment


Year available: 2018


Ethos Valuable Outcomes Ltd. : Validation of On Street Parking (A-15717)


Guildford, United Kingdom

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