International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring
2009, Vol. 7(1). DOI: 10.24384/IJEBCM/7/1

Volume 7, Issue 1


Elaine Cox

Reflections from the Field

Evidence Is a Verb: A Relational Approach to Knowledge and Mastery in Coaching
David B. Drake

Academic Papers

Toward a Profession of Coaching? A Definitional Examination of 'Coaching,' 'Organization Development,' and 'Human Resource Development'
Robert G. Hamlin, Andrea D. Ellinger & Rona S. Beattie

Annotated Bibliography of Life Coaching and Health Research
Courtney Newnham-Kanas, Paul Gorczynski, Don Morrow & Jennifer D. Irwin

The Impact of Co-active Life Coaching on Female University Students with Obesity
Melissa van Zandvoort, Jennifer D. Irwin, Don Morrow

A Descriptive Study of Mentoring and Technology Integration among Teacher Education Faculty
Linda Larson

Indications of mentoring efficacy in the development of school administrative assistants
Patrick van Esch

Factors Leading to Satisfaction in a Mentoring Scheme for Novice Entrepreneurs
Etienne St-Jean & Josée Audet

Highlights of Educational Research on Leadership Mentoring: One and a half decades of Singapore experience
Lim Lee Hean

Fostering voluntary informal health mentoring in primary school: what are the teachers' barriers?
Pelagia Soultatou, Georgia Tzamalouka, Irene Markatzi, Anthony Kafatos & Johannes El. Chliaoutakis

Book Reviews

Blackwell Handbook of Mentoring; a multiple perspectives approach
reviewed by Sarah Fletcher

Psychometrics in Coaching
reviewed by Carmelina Lawton-Smith

Learning from Burnout
reviewed by David Clutterbuck


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