A novel test rig for measuring bending fatigue using resonant behaviour

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A novel test rig for bending fatigue test that based on specimen resonant behaviour has been developed. Determining bending fatigue properties of polymer materials with the standard test systems is challenging, and in some cases results are unattainable. This is particularly true of polymers that exhibit a high level of non-linearity and large deflection. This novel test setup is similar to that of four point bending arrangement resulting in a simple support. The loading is achieved by inertial effect of small masses mounted on the test specimen. A vibration shaker is used to base excite the specimen at the first resonance frequency until it breaks. The proposed test setup reduces the time taken to obtain Stress v/s number of cycles (S/N) curves, typically 1/10th of the universal testing machine based approach. The effect of nonlinearities can be reduced by application of larger loads at higher frequencies using large acceleration and smaller deflection combination. The results based on the proposed approach are in good agreement with tensile fatigue results. It has been successfully used to determine the bending fatigue properties of Polycarbonate (PC) of which determining the tensile fatigue properties were difficult to obtain. The significance of this novel test rig is that it accelerates the fatigue testing and allows the determination of the fatigue properties of some materials that cannot be obtained with existing systems.


Chukwudi P. Okeke
Anand N. Thite
John F. Durodola
M.T. Greenrod


Faculty of Technology, Design and Environment


resonant, polymer, fatigue, bending, tensile, nonlinearity, novel, rig, deflection




Okeke, C., Thite, A., Durodola, J. and Greenrod, M. () 'A novel test rig for measuring bending fatigue using resonant behaviour', European Conference on Fracture (ECF22). Belgrade, Serbia, 26-31 August. Elsevier, pp.1470-1475.DOI: 10.1016/j.prostr.2018.12.303.