International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring
2014, Vol. 12(2). DOI: 10.24384/IJEBCM/12/2

Volume 12, Issue 2

Introduction to Volume 12, Number 2
Elaine Cox

Academic Papers

A model of co-facilitation for supporting group coaching-supervision
Michelle Lucas and Carol Whitaker

What coaches can learn from the history of jazz-based improvisation: A conceptual analysis
Michael J.B. Read

Introducing time perspective coaching: A new approach to improve time management and enhance well-being
Ilona Boniwell, Evgeny Osin and Anna Sircova

Salutogenisis and Coaching: testing a proof of concept in order to develop a model for Coaching Practitioners
Dee Gray, Ambra Burls and Marina Kogan

How personal systems coaching increases self-efficacy and well-being for Israeli single mothers
Sunny Gordon-Bar

An integrative literature review of motivational interviewing and co-active life coaching as potential interventions for positive behaviour change in adolescents
Elizabeth Hall

Developing a unified psychological model of coaching and mentoring in supporting the learning and development of adolescents
Qing Wang and Ian Millward

The influence of the Five Factor Model of personality on the perceived effectiveness of executive coaching
Rebecca Jones, Stephen Woods and Emily Hutchinson

The role of mentoring on outcome based sales performance: A qualitative study from the insurance industry
Minna Rollins, Brian Rutherford and David Nickell

Goal orientation in coaching differs according to region, experience, and education
Susan David, David Clutterbuck and David Megginson

Knowledge sharing in the organizational context: using Social Network Analysis as a coaching tool
Nicky Terblanche

E-Coaching: Conceptual and Empirical Findings of a Virtual Coaching Programme
Harald Geissler, Melanie Hasenbein, Stella Kanatouri and Robert Wegener

The virtual line manager as coach: Coaching direct reports remotely and across cultures
Claudia Filsinger

In hindsight: the challenges of virtual mentoring the future higher education leaders of Afghanistan
Victoria Lindsay and Hank Williams


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