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The Duckworth/Lewis Method Professional Edition: operational research principles ensure a fairer outcome for interrupted limited-overs cricket matches


The Duckworth/Lewis Method Professional Edition, is the standard adopted globally by the International Cricket Council, for resetting the total run target for interrupted (such as rain affected) limited-overs cricket matches, enabling fairer match outcomes benefitting the teams, their fans and the games’ regulatory bodies. The Professional Edition, applied universally in top-level cricket, is developed from research undertaken by Anthony Lewis, Oxford Brookes University, in collaboration with Frank Duckworth. The Professional Edition made advances over the original formula by improving the parameters where the total run target was above average. This refinement of the original D/L method led to the widespread publication, dissemination and endorsement of the D/L method Professional Edition and demonstrates the diverse applications of academic research.

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Lewis, A (Oxford Brookes University)

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Year of publication: 2013
Date of RADAR deposit: 2014-11-10

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