1. Introduction to reflection
  2. Brookfield's lenses
  3. Lens one: autobiographical experiences of teaching and learning
  4. Lens two: learners' eyes
  5. Lens three: our colleagues' eyes
  6. Lens four: the critical literature
  7. Further resources to support reflective practice in teaching and learning

Further resources to support reflective practice in teaching and learning

I have harvested some open educational resources (OERs) and open source material on reflective practice in teaching and learning from the following repositories, which have been set up to promote teaching and learning:

Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching (MERLOT)


This is a selection from my search and certainly not exhaustive and I look forward to the additions, which you wish to contribute to this list.

Writing in the disciplines

This is a reflective writing tutorial, which you may find helpful as an introductory guide if you are new to reflective writing


Critical Thinkers

The following three profiles provide a good overview  to three of the most influential thinkers in the arena of reflective practice.

David Kolb

Michael Polyani

Donald Schon

Experience-based learning

This is a link to an article by Anderson, Boud and Cohen, which provides an overview of learning from experience within teaching and learning


What is reflection

The following OER is an interactive guide to reflection. One of the interesting dimensions about reflective practice is the skill of teaching reflection to others. I find resources like this OER are excellent for introducing some basic principles.


Please share your own resources on reflective practice on the discussion forum.