International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring
2013, Vol. 11(1). DOI: 10.24384/IJEBCM/11/1

Volume 11, Issue 1

Elaine Cox

Academic Papers

Managing the Internal Labour Market in a Manufacturing Company: Explaining Coaching's Perceived Ineffectiveness
Christiaan McComb

Effect of a quality of life coaching intervention on psychological courage and self-determination
Devorah F. Curtis & Lisa L. Kelly

Two coaches operating as a 'learning pair'
Michael Smith & Rebekah Gilbert

The Experience and Impact of Motivational Interviewing-via-Coaching Tools on National Smokers' Telephone Hotline Employees
Tara Mantler, Jennifer D. Irwin & Don Morrow

The CHANGE Program: Methodology for comparing interactive Co-Active coaching with a prescriptive lifestyle treatment for obesity
Erin S. Pearson, Jennifer D. Irwin & Don Morrow

An innovative South African approach to mentoring novice professionals in Biodiversity Management
Philip Ivey, Hilary Geber & Ingrid Nänni

Mentoring pre-service teachers on school students' differentiated learning
Peter Hudson

The Perspectives of Science and Engineering Master's Students on the Mentoring Relationship
Yii-Nii Lin & Angela Yi-ping Hsu

An evaluation of the measurement properties of the Mentor Self-Efficacy Scale among participants in Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada Community Mentoring Programs
Annalise Ferro, David DeWit, Samantha Wells, Kathy N. Speechley & Ellen Lipman

The use of reflective practice to support mentoring of elite equestrian coaches
Jo Winfield & J.M. Williams

Book Review

Coaching Understood: A pragmatic inquiry into the coaching process
reviewed by Yossi Ives


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