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(Postmodern) Populism as a trope for contested glocality


The chapter addresses the latest political frisson to engage students of globalization and contentious politics the world over; the specter or promise of populism. Populism affords some purchase on an axial feature of this globalized world—the imbrication or antithesis of local and global, of difference and sameness—and gives it an intriguing twist. My argument will be that what I call postmodern populism holds up a mirror to current politics and the present phase of globalization; and what that shows is both unedifying—since it depicts easy solutions to perceived troubles—and in some respects more palatable, because it conjures images of a less curated, popular and engaged politics, both within, and heedless of, borders.

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Axford, Barrie

Oxford Brookes departments

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences\Department of Social Sciences


Year of publication: 2020
Date of RADAR deposit: 2018-11-22

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