International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring
2011, Vol. 9(2). DOI: 10.24384/IJEBCM/9/2

Volume 9, Issue 2

Elaine Cox

Academic Papers

A Work Behaviour Analysis of Executive Coaches
Glenn Newsom and Eric B. Dent

Findings from a global survey of certified professional co-active coaches
Courtney Newnham-Kanas, Jennifer Irwin and Don Morrow

Coaching with self-determination in mind: Using theory to advance evidence-based coaching practice
Gordon B. Spence and Lindsay G. Oades

Parallel processes in clinical supervision: Implications for coaching mental health practitioners
Trevor P. Crowe, Lindsay G. Oades, Frank P. Deane, Joseph Ciarrochi and Virginia C. Williams

An HR perspective on executive coaching for organisational learning
Alison Walker-Fraser

E-mentoring in Online Course Projects: Description of an E-Mentoring Scheme
Sandra L. Williams and Justin (Jin-Hong) Kim

Book Reviews

Developmental Coaching: Life Transitions and General Perspectives
reviewed by Rhianon Washington

Diversity in Coaching: Working with gender, culture, race and age
reviewed by Jenny Plaister-Ten


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