Sample student introductions

If you've asked students to introduce themselves as part of your icebreaking activities, then it's important to think through how you are going to respond to their initial messages.

Below there are two examples of students arriving and saying hello. Think about how you might plan your response to these and what it might be important to say. You can then click to see a tutor's responses.

Giovanni's first message

Hi everyone

I am Giovanni. The website ask me to say something about myself…

I have a BSc in Computing from the University of Niente, so I guess I am the computer guy around here. I have designed websites for our organisation and set up message board.

So far everything about the conferencing has been easy, but there are a few things about the GUI I don't like :-)


Tutor's response to Giovanni

Lisa's first message

Hello everyone

Feeling a bit nervous as, from what I've read so far, there are people here with lots more experience than I have.

I'm especially interested in socio-cultural approaches to using leraing technologies and I have just taken on responsibility for taking some of our courses online so I'm here to see what I can learn from this courses.

So apologies in advance if I stay rather quiet for a while and just listen - and hopefully learn, though I have a lot to learn in this department

Something about me. I have 2 cats and one husband, two teenage girls (15 and 17), plus 1 day job - though sometimes it feels like more than 1!


Tutor's response to Lisa