Examples of openers

Example 1

23 August 2010 22:05:49
H85x ALB 2/3/1 Openers 
From: Chris 
Subject: Welcome to my B124 Students 
To: B124 
Cc: Tracey Lightfoot

Hallo there, I'm Chris. Im moderating this conference.

I want lots of contributions from you starting with Book 1. Remember to say who you are. Dont send messages here that properly belong in someones private email box. Dont write long messages and please watch the tone. (I shall delete anything that I think sexist or offensive to Eos).

I shall expect you to login every day to read messages.


Example 2

23 August 2011 09:04:43 
From: Susie Shephard 
Subject: Welcome to GTAs 
To: H85x ALB 2/3/1 Openers

Welcome to the course for GTAs

You can see that I've set up a number of areas.

Logs - this is where you should post entries for your learning logs. You can share your experiences of the course with the rest of the group and myself. You should aim to submit entries and comment on other submissions about once a week throughout the course.

WEbCT Queries - an area for you to ask, and answer, questions about the WebCT conferencing software.

Chat room - this is where you can chat to the other participants but not to me! I don't have access to this area, so it's a little private space for you.

Stage 1 - the first of the course stage conferences. The others will appear as we go through the course. In here you'll find details of the tasks associated with each stage. I've also put all your messages from our introductory day here.

You can also post messages right here in the 'GTA_03' area.

To get started you should work through the exercises on using WEbCT. These are in the Stage One area and are called "CT Exercises" depicted by a happy, smiley face. There are even some virtual students for you to practise on! Make sure you read the section on netiquette and don't forget to change your password.