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Can surgery be considered craft? An examination of the craft processes which underpin modern surgery


Despite scientific and technological advances, modern surgical practice is still dependent upon the application of knowledge and experience through the hand [1], [2]. If we consider surgery as the manipulation of materials using tools and technology to achieve a desired outcome, we could be describing a craft. Roger Kneebone (Professor of Surgical Education, Imperial College London) has explored the parallels between craft and surgery with the aim of improving surgical education [3], [4]. An emerging interest in the overlaps between art and science has led to cross-disciplinary collaborations which have identified parallels between the fields and provoked new thinking. This creative arts practice-based research project was designed to contribute to these discussions by examining the craft processes which underpin surgical practice from an artist and maker’s perspective.


surgery, craft,

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Millar, Isla

Oxford Brookes departments

Faculty of Health and Life Sciences


Year: 2017

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