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Experiencing knowledge: Phenomenological research in music festivals


Interpretivist scholarship in Festival and Knowledge Studies comprise a minority, yet increasing, source of new knowledge with opportunities to generate trustworthy and authentic contributions. Rich, qualitative labours of lived experiences provide alternatives to established modes of research, particularly when exploring the ‘fuzzy concept’ of knowledge. This paper promotes greater methodological plurality, exploring the pathway to selection and adoption of phenomenology through the research process, by examining a study on (organisational) knowledge sharing among volunteers in dynamic and pulsating music festival organisations. Data is gathered utilising in-depth interviews (n=9) and diaries (n=11), while some participants engaged with both methods (n=8), and thematic analysis enabled interpretations by the researcher. This paper advocates the use of rich and deep phenomenological ‘data’ for epistemological developments in knowledge research within Festival Studies. Using interpretations of lived experiences provides an alternate lens through which practitioners and academics might critique the practice and possession of knowledge.

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Clayton, Diana

Oxford Brookes departments

Oxford Brookes Business School\Oxford School of Hospitality Management


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