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Measuring marketing effectiveness: an agenda for SMEs


Bonoma and Clark’s view (1988), that measuring marketing effectiveness is stubbornly resistant to definition and application, remains true - especially within SMEs. This article reviews many marketing effectiveness measures and concludes that none are the single ‘silver bullet’. By examining how these metrics translate into practical SME usage, it asserts that many metrics do not enjoy currency, or even applicability, for small companies. This can lead to SMEs managing their marketing without adequate planning/control relying instead on anecdotes and myths. In response a practitioner agenda is proposed that assumes an incomplete measurement system is better than none and that the most pragmatic minimum start-point is segmentation, targeting and positioning and the marketing mix itself. This article provides interesting insights into the ongoing debate about measuring marketing performance.

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Brooks, N
Simkin, L

Oxford Brookes departments

Faculty of Business\Department of Marketing


Year: 2011

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