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Supervision in coaching: Systematic literature review


Coaching supervision as a field of knowledge is at an early stage of development, even in comparison to the discipline of coaching. To support and stimulate further progress of the field, this fully inclusive literature review aims to create a comprehensive map of the themes and directions in contemporary publications on coaching supervision. Through the synthesis of findings in 68 selected sources we identified four main themes: clarifying the concept of coaching supervision; the state of theoretical development demonstrated in the literature; the value attributed to supervision; and the nature of the current use of the supervision in the field. Based on our analysis we generate potential directions for further research, conceptualisation and theory building.

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Bachkirova, Tatiana
Jackson, Peter
Hennig, Carsten
Moral, Michel

Oxford Brookes departments

Department of Business and Management


Year of publication: 2020
Date of RADAR deposit: 2020-04-27

"Reproduced with permission from International Coaching Psychology Review © The British Psychological Society, 2020."

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