Dame Janet Vaughan DBE FRS in interview with Max Blythe: Part 1


After discussing a family background including distinguished physicians and educationalists, Dame Janet Vaughan explains her choice of a medical career, pre-clinical studies at Oxford, clinical studies at University College Hospital London in the 1920s, and entry to clinical pathology. In this latter context she discusses early work on blood, particularly interests in pernicious anaemia and the influence of Cecil Price-Jones. How work on pernicious anaemia continued with Minot and Castle at Harvard in the early 1930s is also outlined, followed by discussion of the conditions she encountered as a woman specialist on returning to London hospitals. The initiation of wartime blood transfusion services is then considered, as well as several wartime and immediate post-war medical planning initiatives in the UK, after which Part 1 of the interview concludes with eyewitness comment on the nutritional dilemmas of those trying to assist the liberated survivors of Belsen Camp. Part 2 of the interview includes discussion of Dame Janet's return to Oxford as Principal of Somerville College, and continuing blood and bone research leading to pioneering studies of strontium and plutonium metabolism in mammals.

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Clinical pathology - diseases of bone and blood, 1930s investigations of pernicious anaemia, early blood transfusion services, UK, wartime and post-World War II medical planning initiatives, pioneering investigations of the metabolism of strontium and plutonium


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Vaughan, Janet
Blythe, Max

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