Getting started with Moodle (Student Guides)


Getting started with Moodle (General Guides for Students). Includes both a full version and 5 sections. Getting Started with Moodle (Full): Total Time 7.30 [Includes MP4 Video, MP3 Audio, and Full Text]. Individual Sections: 1. Why do I need Moodle?: Section time 1.16 [Includes MP4 Video and Full Text]; 2. Where is Moodle?: Section time 1.17 [Includes MP4 Video and Full Text]; 3. Okay, I’m what?: Section time 2.17 [Includes MP4 Video and Full Text]; 4. What will my Moodle course look like?: Section time 1.08 [Includes MP4 Video and Full Text]; 5. How do I navigate my Moodle course?: Section time 1.53 [Includes MP4 Video and Full Text].

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