International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring
2018, Vol. 16(1). DOI: 10.24384/IJEBCM/16/1

Volume 16, Issue 1

Elaine Cox

Academic Papers

Perceptions of sponsoring as a career advancement tool for women: Are they different in Europe?
Vasudha Bhide and Beth Tootell

The Effect of Value Similarity on Mentoring Relationships and Outcomes
Marcy Young Illies and Roni Reiter-Palmon

Enhancing Learning for Participants in Workplace Mentoring Programmes
Stephen Bear

The adolescent experience of motivational interviewing-via-Co-active Life Coaching as a motivational intervention: A constructivist grounded theory
Elizabeth Hall and Don Morrow

Parental Perceptions of Coaching
Kimberly Allen, Tara Baker and Andrew Behnke

Application of a 10 week coaching program designed to facilitate volitional personality change: Overall effects on personality and the impact of targeting
Jonathan Allan, Peter Leeson et al.

Empowering Public Employment Service Practitioners’ peer facilitation with peer coaching training
Carmen Wolf, Teresa Schaefer et al.

Understanding the experience of midlife women taking part in a work-life balance career coaching programme: An interpretative phenomenological analysis
Charlotte Brown and Julia Yates

Ethical dilemmas and tricky decisions: A global perspective of coaching supervisors’ practices in coach ethical decision-making
Eve Turner and Jonathan Passmore

Reflections from the Field

‘Living Life in the Meantime’: An arts-based coaching model offering an alternative method of managing personal and professional change
Yvette Ramos-Volz

Organisational Coaching Outcomes: A comparison of a practitioner survey and key findings from the literature
Sheila Boysen, Michael Cherry et al.


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