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Are We PrEPared?: Exploring the impact of HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis on the sexual behaviours of men who have sex with men.


Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) has recently become available on the NHS in the UK, and is a vital form of HIV prevention that can contribute to international AIDS eradication targets. One group at higher risk for HIV is men who have sex with men (MSM), who may also engage in sexual behaviours that further increase risk. Little research exists to explore the impact of PrEP of sexual behaviours of MSM in the UK, hence a quasi-systematic review has been conducted to explore whether increased availability of PrEP has led to a change in sexual behaviours from 2015 to present. A combination of qualitative and quantitative research was collated and synthesised, considering a range of sexual behaviours and outcomes such as condomless anal intercourse, multiple sexual partners, engagement in chemsex, need for post-exposure prophylaxis, and diagnosis of sexually transmitted infection (STIs). The review has found that MSM, particularly those who engage in riskier behaviours, are highly aware of and accepting of PrEP as effective biomedical prevention for HIV. PrEP was associated with increased sexual satisfaction and liberation, and reduced anxiety around HIV acquisition. However, it was also associated with increased rates of STI, decreased condom use, and increased engagement in chemsex, which contribute to additional demands on health services. PrEP has contributed to changes in sexual behaviours in MSM, both positively and negatively. Further research is warranted to explore sexual risk and protective behaviours in conjunction with factors such as mental health, sexual health service use, and treatment-resistant STIs.

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