Attention to Emotional Expressions

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Previous research: • The Affect Infusion Model (AIM, Forgas, 1995) suggests that mood affects judgements in complex situations. • The Broaden-and-Build theory (Fredrickson, 1998) suggests a positive mood has a broadening effect on attention. • Faces vs bodies – are faces a special class of stimuli? Ekman (1965) suggests yes; Aviezer, Trope and Todorov (2012) suggest bodies are more important. Rationale for research: • Aimed to investigate AIM (Forgas, 1995) and Broaden-and-Build (Fredrickson, 1998). • Little research has been conducted on the face and body as a whole, even though this is how we experience social interactions in everyday life. • Furthermore, much of the previous research has not included a neutral condition, meaning that the effects of mood were not compared to a baseline. In addition, most research categorised participants as ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ and did not analyse specific moods.


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