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Students as consumers : a barrier for student engagement?


Student engagement may be compromised by students identifying as consumers of their higher education, for example, by believing that their university owes them a degree because they have paid tuition fees. This type of attitude may conflict with a student’s learner identity, which is associated with intrinsic motivation for learning and an inherent interest in studying. This chapter will present some research on the strength of students’ identities as learners and consumers, and the association between these identities and various factors that affect student engagement. The findings suggest that a strong consumer identity is a barrier for engagement, particularly when it is accompanied by a weak learner identity. To increase student engagement, we present a teaching aid ( that enables students to assess and reflect on the strength of their learner and consumer identities, and develop stronger learner identities.

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Taylor Bunce, Louise
Rathbone, Clare
King, Naomi

Oxford Brookes departments

Department of Psychology, Health and Professional Development


Year of publication: 2023
Date of RADAR deposit: 2022-07-06

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