International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring
2021, Special Issue 15. DOI: 10.24384/IJEBCM/S15

Special Issue 15

Ioanna Iordanou

Academic Papers

Coaching in the context of talent management: an ambivalent practice
Karine Mangion-Thornley

What do team coaches experience at the end of a client relationship?
Rachael Hanley-Browne

How have workplace coaches experienced coaching during the Covid-19 pandemic?
Judy Irving

The Meaning Making Journey of Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) Leaders in HE
Sarah Bailey

Discovering the ‘modern maestro’: The importance of a professional industry pedigree and aspects of coaching and mentoring within the supervision of music undergraduates
Andrew Armour

Understanding the coaching experiences of non-traditional students in Higher Education in the UK
Dionne Spencer

The Applicability of Self-Determination Theory for Cross-cultural Coaching: A Study with Assigned and Self-initiated Expatriates
Priscilla F. de Araujo

Peer Coaching During Treatment Decision Making with Men Newly Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer
Aidan Adkins

The experience of coaching for permanently childless women: A heuristic inquiry
Sophia Andeh

How do coaches work with clients showing signs of burnout?
Anthony Geraghty

A parallel journey: the varied roles of coaching in an elite athlete's transition to a second career
Anna Edwards

BeWell: a group coaching model to foster the wellbeing of individuals
Ana Paula Nacif

Augmenting Coaching Practice through digital methods
Kevin Ellis-Brush

How do coaches and clients create and experience thinking environments?
Donna Johnston

Coaching and Mentoring with Metaphor
Russ Thompson

What do the experiences of team coaches tell us about the essential elements of team coaching?
Gillian Graves

Exploring Reverse Mentoring; “Win-Win” Relationships in The Multi-Generational Workplace
Ian Browne

Can reciprocal mentoring as a progressive tool contribute to creating shared understanding of women’s career equality challenges?
Sue Round

The Value of Conceptual Encounter methodology in exploring women’s experience of identity work in career choices and transitions
Sarah Snape


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