The relationship between body concern and visual perspective: remembering body shape through a stranger’s eyes.

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Background: Previous research into body image has found a relationship between high body concern and how memories focused on appearance are recalled, especially in terms of visual perspective, vividness and negativity. For example, Osman & Cooper (2004) found that those with Body Dysmorphic disorder viewed memories focusing on the appearance from an observer perspective and rated them as more vivid and negative. However, despite evidence that body concern is increasing within the normal population (37% of 18-34 asked were dissatisfied with their body, British Social Attitudes Survey, 2014), past research has not focused on those with a nonclinical body concern. Present study Aim: To distinguish whether a relationship exists between non-clinical body concern and the visual perspective, vividness and negativity of a memory focused on the body. Predictions (1) Body concern would predict recalling the memory focused on the body from an observer perspective (2) Those with a higher body conc


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