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The architectural strive to rejuvenate the Angolan Urban Fabric

To what extent can modern designers revive the original urban skin of Angolan cine esplanadas, ultimately allowing users to differentiate and appreciate between the stylistic disciplines: the authentic culture of Angola; the modern culture and the amalgamation of the two contingencies?


This dissertation examines Angola’s struggle between tradition and modernity through the lens of the country’s old open-air cinemas and new enclosed cinemas. Growing up in Luanda, Angola, most of my childhood memories are formed around cinemas. The movie-going experience has always involved multiple trips to the malls, in which modern cinemas are integrated. At the bottom of my memory, are also the recollections of the lament of family members about the abandonment and degradation of the old independent cinemas scattered throughout the city, in each of these trips. Looking at old cinemas as a symbol of resistance and culture fascinates me, especially after hearing from family members who have had the opportunity to witness and live the unique experience of these open-air cinemas or cine-esplanadas, and the cultural practices that they made possible. The lack of plans to restore and protect these unique cultural apparatus is well known , this sparked my interest in choosing Angolan Cinemas for my dissertation, as it would allow me to analyse and comprehend the relationships between space, power, resistance, and culture, with a focus on how they have been used to socially control the nation and its identity.

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Cassuende, Adalgisa

Oxford Brookes departments

Faculty of Technology, Design and Environment


Year: 2023

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