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Improving access to exercise for people with neurological conditions


The pioneering research carried out by Brookes’ Movement Science Group (under the umbrella of the Centre for Rehabilitation) into the barriers and benefits of safe community led exercise for people with long-term neurological conditions, has significantly improved quality of life for many sufferers. Their research has raised awareness amongst healthcare and fitness professionals, and led to specific measures being put in place to facilitate and encourage exercise. These measures include the development of: clinical exercise and rehabilitation units, web-based physical activity support system, national occupational standards, and the only level 4 accredited exercise training course in the UK. The research has also led to the establishment of a registered charity that aims to increase exercise participation of people with long-term neurological conditions across the UK.

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Dawes, H (Oxford Brookes University)
Collett, J (Oxford Brookes University)
Esser, P (Oxford Brookes University)

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