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This dataset is an archive for the XML of the Oxford Brookes news feed. The Oxford Brookes website shows all news items in the current academic year (August to September) and the two previous academic years. All items older than this are archived in this record. The archive can be viewed and interacted with at

Technical Information

Notes about the RSS feed: There is only one <channel> and it is consistent through every year. All elements are present in every <item> (no additional elements are introduced through the history of the RSS feed). Empty elements are present in the format <faculty></faculty> rather than being omitted or using the more syntactically correct <faculty/>. The XML is ordered by <startDate> (<pubDate> relates to the appearance of the item on the web publishing system and is not consistent with the <startDate> or significant for understanding the RSS feed). In instances where there are two elements with similar names (e.g. <department> and <department_fb> the former has multiple values delimited by commas and the latter (where "_fb" is used in the name) has multiple values delimited by pipes.

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