What is a reading list for? A guide for module leaders on aligning reading with learning outcomes


Reading lists are, and seemingly always have been, an integral part of learning and teaching in Higher Education. Whilst almost every other aspect of teaching and learning has been re-examined and re-interpreted through various pedagogic lenses, reading list practice seems to have quietly gone on in more or less the same form as it always has. There is value in consistency but there is also a danger that, in staying the same while all else changed, reading lists have become detached from contemporary pedagogic practice and are drifting into insignificance. This guide asks the question ‘What is a reading list for?’ and, using Constructive Alignment as a guide, seeks to draw reading lists back into the heart of modern teaching practice.


reading lists, constructive alignment, learning outcomes, flipped learning,

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Croft, Dan (Oxford Brookes University)


Project Leaders: Croft, Dan (Oxford Brookes University)
Project Members: Coombs, Linda; Davis, Shani (Oxford Brookes University); Knight, Jane (Oxford Brookes University); Staples, Katherine (Oxford Brookes University); Teira Paz, Rosa (Oxford Brookes University); Rothera, Hazel (Oxford Brookes University); Robinson, Lindsay (Oxford Brookes University)
Other contributors: Aldridge, David (Brunel University London); Kelner, Fiona (Oxford Brookes University); White, Jonathan (Oxford Brookes University); Glenny, Georgina (Oxford Brookes University); Cherry, Harriet (Brookes Union)

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Year: 2018


Oxford Centre of Staff and Learning and Development : Brookes Teaching Excellence Fellowships and Innovation Award


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