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The dynamics of taste : mapping brands and readers in the context of capital


In an age of media convergence, publishing brands have evolved from mere symbols of credibility to become navigational beacons within a saturated landscape of content. As they intersect with multiple media formats these brands not only represent their intrinsic values but also engage in a dynamic relationship with the reader. This relationship is underpinned by the interplay of various forms of capital: economic, social, cultural, and symbolic. Through the lens of Bourdieu’s theory of capital and habitus, and Foucault’s discourse analysis, this article unpacks the shifting dynamics of power between publishing brands and readers. It explores the complex nature of branding, in which readers are both consumers and co-creators of meaning, and publishing brands serve as both gatekeepers and facilitators of cultural narratives.


Johnson, Miriam

Oxford Brookes departments

Oxford International Centre for Publishing


Year of publication: 2024
Date of RADAR deposit: 2024-05-20

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