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Festivals and edutainment. Introduction.


This introductory chapter offers an overview of the key terms and topics that underpin the collection of chapters within this edited book. Through a review of edutainment within festival experiences, this chapter outlines the context and nature of the book’s focus, and presents a structured rationale for this book’s need. Importantly, this chapter introduces the contributing 14 chapters and afterword, which, through a series of case studies, offer unique and important insights that will extend current understandings of festival experiences emphasising the use and benefit of edutainment activities. 

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Wyatt, Brianna
Rossetti, Giulia

Oxford Brookes departments

Oxford Brookes Business School


Year of publication: [not yet published]
Date of RADAR deposit: 2023-05-17

"This is the accepted manuscript of a book chapter published by Routledge in Festivals and Edutainment in 2023,available online:"

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This RADAR resource is the Accepted Manuscript of Festivals and edutainment. Introduction.
This RADAR resource is Part of Festivals and edutainment [ISBN: 9781032304991] / edited by Giulia Rossetti, Brianna Wyatt, Jane Ali-Knight (Routledge, 2023).


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