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Old company’s new leaders: Employment proposition for millennial leadership in luxury retail


Recent advancements in technology have enabled relatively young organisations to grow at a speed, and to a scale, that enables them to reach a comparable level of employer brand equity and make them as attractive to work for as much more established firms. As a result, traditional luxury organisations compete against younger, non-luxury companies for talent that might have been considered easier to attract previously. The presented study explores differences between the meaning of an attractive employment proposition for leaders from two generations of Baby Boomers and Millennial and brings forwards recommendations for attracting and sustaining leadership talent in the luxury retail sector. The study builds on the existing literature about the impact of generational differences on management practices, within the specific industry context. The results highlight misalignment in perceptions between older generation of current leaders (Baby Boomers) and younger generation of future leaders (Millennials) in the sector.

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Gibbons, Mark A.
Karmowska, Joanna

Oxford Brookes departments

Oxford Brookes Business School


Year of publication: 2019
Date of RADAR deposit: 2019-09-25

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