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Empowering nursing students


In nursing, empowerment can enable nurses to raise concerns about patient safety and to do so within a safe and supportive environment. Furthermore, empowering patients to gain more ownership of their health can positively influence both nurses and patients. This narrative review focused on the importance of empowering nursing students. The literature determined that nursing students must feel valued and be treated equally, and to work in an environment that is open and transparent, in order to feel empowered. Fear of retaliation may prevent nursing students from speaking out about poor care and poor practice. Moreover, co-developing care and support regimens with service users benefited both nursing students and patients, as well as local communities, reduced stress and burnout, and allowed the patient to self-care, and act in their own best interests.


Alexis O, Cooke J, Jennings S, Worsley AJ, Basupang NB

Oxford Brookes departments

Department of Nursing
Directorate of Learning Resources


Year of publication: [in press]
Date of RADAR deposit: 2024-05-24

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