Rethinking Buildings : should Buildings simply be enclosures that house different functions?


This document presents BasES, which is a Tool Kit disseminated as an Open Educational Resource. BasES is focused on the topic of Buildings-as-Energy Services, promoting the knowledge integration to envisage buildings as components of future Distributed Renewable and Interactive Energy Systems (DRIs). BasES will allow users of exploring and analysing DRIs’ emergent properties at the local level, developing, and implementing the Tool Kit proposed. The specific objective concerns the use of the Tool Kit in the organisation of a Technology Support Net (TSN) for Buildings-as-a-Service. TSN is composed of a multitude of actors, who often have different perspectives and scopes, but they are called to work collaboratively in order to establish work rules, requisite skills, work contents, standards and measures, culture and organisational patterns with regard to the emergent systems. Buildings-as-a-Service is a completely new topic, and thus, an appropriate TSN is needed urgently. Our Tool Kit (i.e. Buildings-as-Energy-Services - BasES) will be a ground-breaking cognitive apparatus for involving stakeholders in knowledge transfer and integration processes. Thus, a new generation of Product-Service Systems will be promoted. The BasES is expected to configure a multi-stakeholder co-designed UK Roadmap on Socio-Technical Innovation in DRIs Transition.

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Kurul, Esra
Sibilla, Maurizio

Oxford Brookes departments

School of the Built Environment


Year of publication: 2020
Date of RADAR deposit: 2023-11-06

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